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Trail Updates

December 29 2014 - AHTS 2015 Conference will be March 20 - 22 2015 at Popular Point Campground. A number of speakers are schduled along with a number of hikes. The speaker for Friday night is Darryl Patton, and on Saturday night it is Gene Espy. Register for the Conference here.

Darryl Patton:

Join us Friday night for a presentation by renown herbalist and folkmedicine expert Darryl Patton - The Southern Herbalist.

Patton's presentation will last about forty five minutes and he willfocus on presenting the traditional edible and medicinal uses of manyof the indigenous plants of Alabama. Come on out and learn how ourancestors healed themselves when Alabama was a wilderness.

Gene Espy:

Join us Saturday night for a presentation by Gene Espy: Eagle Scout,Aerospace Engineer, Adventurer. Gene Espy Hiker

The highlight of all Espy's adventures was his 1951 Georgia to Mainesolo hike of the entire Appalachian Trail which made him the secondthru-hiker - ever. Espy is a pioneer among the currently 10,000 hikersof the entire trail, encountering much more solitude, wilderness, anddifficulties in his hike than today's hikers. In fact, his journeyonthe Appalachian Trail was so isolated in 1951 that he often went afull week in between encounters with other human beings. Espy'spresentation is entitled 'Trail of My Life' and he will discuss histhru- hike of the Appalachian Trail as well as his many otheradventures.

Feb 9 2015 A number if volunteer positions are open with the Gulf Coast Chapter of AHTS. Open this file to see the full list.

Feb 4 2015 If you are interested in volunteering with AHTS we are currently looking for a person to write grant applications. Please email if interested. 

January 17 2015I got to the southern trail head around 9am Saturday January 17, 2015 to hike to Wegoufka and back. The purpose was to collect GPS data on this new section of trail in order to be able to create the map for this section.(...more)

Janurary 1 2015 Flagg Mountain Trail Mtce. Thursday, 01/01/15. A number of us met at the South Trail-head of the Yellow trail on Flagg and proceeded to to add reflective directional tags to help people to stay on the trail after dark. Added these to both the Yellow and White trails along with using the chainsaw to clear some larger trees that had fallen over the trail.(...more)

July 7 2013 Pinhoti Trail Mtce. ATCA section. Sunday, 07/07/13. Road crossings from US77 north to RR TH. (US78)
mowed and/or loppered 11 road crossings, US77, Skyline Drive, Clairmont Gap, Burgess Point South and North(FS600-2), Adams Gap, I20 south, AL 281(2 crossings south of US78), FS500/RR TH, and 1st FS500 crossing n. of the TH. I also mowed the 0.3 mile of trail north of the TH. Details about the need to place (...more)

June 23 2013 Pinhoti Trail Mtce. ATCA Section. Sun 06/23/13
Finished clearing the trail from Co24, Abel Gap Rd., north to the switchback near Morgan Lake then moved to FS 518 off the Scenic view drive where I also finished clearing a small part of the trail just south of this crossing. I also touched up the blazes at this crossing. (A sign showing the Morgan Lake Falls trail would be a good idea). (...more)

June 21 2013 Cleveland, AL and assistance needed in locating Alyssa, near House Rock hole on the Locust Fork river. The rescuers are in need of volunteers who are strong hikers. They request that any volunteers sign up with the Command post on AL 79 at Kings Bend on the river in Cleveland. If anyone wishes to volunteer for this and needs directions please contact Greg Brecht.

June 10 2013 Pinhoti:Pinhoti Trail, Horn Mountain fire tower
Just wanted to report in with a few pictures, of part of the trail work we did Friday and Sat. Friday my friend Collette (not a member yet) and I decided to start the weekend early by going up to the Horn Mountain fire tower/ pavilion to mow the grass with DR mower and a weedeater (...more)

April 23 2013 Pinhoti:Pinhoti Trail mtce. ATCA sect. 04/23/13, Tue. FS531s. north for 2.7 miles., I cleared all the deadfall from FS531 south heading north past Lower Shoal Shelter, crossing FS 501L, then ...more

March 22 2013 Pinhoti: Pinhoti Trail Mtce., ATCA sect. Pine Glen CG south to US 78 Fri., 03/22/13 I met Blister Bob Burger at the Trailhead near the railroad then we drove up to Pine Glen. He started walking south from there and I drove his car back to FS531s. and started walking south ...more

March 14 2013 Pinhoti: Pinhoti Trail ATCA sect. Dugger Wilderness, Thu., Sun., March 14,17, 2013. I continued north from where I’d stopped on February 10, clearing the brush ...more

March 08 2013 Coosa: Yesterday, our final day of a very short Spring Trail Work Week, John Calhoun and I found a piece of the Coosa Trail with a steep slope. We extended...more

March 07 2013 Pinhoti:Heading north from Adams Gap, the Pinhoti appeared to be in relatively good shape. There was relatively no trash in this section (we found a couple of pieces of paper and some old rebar embedded in the trail). ...more

March 07 2013 Coosa: I met Rick Guhse’ at the Coosa WMA game check station across the street from the Mt Moriah Baptist Church about 915am...more

March 02 2013 Pinhoti:I met several of the new AHTS Birmingham Metro group at the Bass Pro (Rex Lake Rd and US 78) parking lot at 8am. ...more

Feb 10 2013 Pinhoti:I continued trimming northward and maybe cleared another 3/4 of a mile towards ...more

Jan 12 2013 AHTS Conference/Board Meeting: The AHTS Board of Directors and volunteers for the upcoming 2013 Conference will meet this Saturday at noon at the 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center to finalize conference details.
If you have or would like to volunteer to help make this the biggest conference ever, please make plans to attend the meeting or email Joe Cuhaj at or call 251-533-1812.

Dec 2012 Perdido River: The north part of the Alabama Trail along the Perdido River was walked and GPS'd by Marion Campbell and Tommy Smith in October. This section begins (or ends) at Barrineau Park (a sub-division in Florida and a road that bears its name that crosses from Alabama into Florida) to the north end of the state's new canoe trail. The map and waypoints have been sent to Forever Wild for approval. The official length of the section of the Alabama Trail between the Forever Wild canoe put-in and take outs (our north and south trailheads) is 13-miles

Nov 16 2012 second year of Alaruck with AHTS at Fort Toulouse-Fort Jackson...
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Nov 8 2012 Cheaha Fire

Nov 8 2012trail work A happy but tired crew of Trail workers after a day of sidehill work in which we built about a quarter mile of new footbed. Click here For more info...

Nov 7 See a video of these guys in action at the Coosa Trail in the Coosa WMA. Sidehill work is the hardest trail work we do. It is quite rewarding as...
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Oct 14 2012trail work The Gulf Coast Chapter of the Alabama Hiking Trail Society is proud to announce that construction of the Alabama Trail along the Perdido River that borders Florida and Alabama is underway! Click here For more info...