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Group Hike

About Us

The mission of the Alabama Hiking Trail Society and its members is to plan, build, and maintain safe hiking trails for all to enjoy throughout the state and educate the public of the careful use and enjoyment of Alabama's great outdoors.

Trail Work & Planning

AHTS members take on the task of maintaining current trails in our charge including clearing blowdowns, brush, re-blazing, and more, so that the public can safely use the trail. In addition, we create new trail under the guidance of our partnering government and environmental agencies to continue building the Alabama Trail, Eastern Continental Trail, and Great Eastern Trail. The ATS, ECT, and GET will be major long paths through Alabama and as such requires planning by dedicated individuals to identiry property owners, plan routes, and obtain required permissions.


What kind of hiking group would we be without hikes? Members throughout the state organize day hikes and backpacking trails throughout the year. There is always a hike in the works that will interest every hiker no matter what the age or hiking experience.


The AHTS is committed to educating the public about the benefits of hiking, especially the health benefits, and about the beauty of Alabama and how to protect its fragile environment. AHTS can provide speakers for your club or civic organization on a variety of topics from hiking and backpacking gear and tips to destinations to Leave No Trace practices and more.

Annual Conference

Each year, AHTS holds a three-day conference, the largest in the state, that brings together hikers, backpackers, and outdoor lovers to hear presentations on a variety of topics including hiking and backpacking, the environment, history, flora and fauna, and more.

Our trails are irreplaceable. Let’s save them.

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